Job Interview Stress&Moebius

As most of my Facebook friends you know from my earlier post, I had a job interview this morning. It was for a social media coodinator/editorial position with a publishing company here in Calgary. I was super nervous about it because of having Moebius and I worry too much about what others think. I put too much stock in it. Today I learned that having Moebius doesn’t stop me from doing things, and it shouldn’t. It doesn’t inhibit me as much as I once thought. Employers don’t generally judge your differences, they judge you on the skills and experience that you possess. The two people that interviewed me definitely didn’t seem to think any less of me or treat me any different. We talked about my skills and experience and they thought that I had great skills and good experience and that I checked most of the boxes on what they were looking for. We touched on Moebius, one of them said that obviously I’m familiar with my condition and asked how I felt about interviewing and such. I said I was definitely okay with it and they said okay, great! And that was that. They were super nice and personable and we joked around a bit and overall it was just a fantastic experience. I feel like it would be a really great place to work because they seem like such nice people, and it is a small, family like company. I am definitely hoping that it works out for the best!
Do not ever let your differences hold you back because you think that that’s all people see. Be confident in your uniqueness and what you can bring to the table. This was such an eye opening experience and whether I end up getting the job or not, I feel like it was a success anyway. Never be afraid of who you are.



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