Memories & Sorrow

On Saturday, November 12, 2016 the world lost a truly beautiful soul. My granny passed away at the age of 93.


I was incredibly blessed to have such a close relationship with my granny for all of my 25 years. My grandpa passed away in 2013 but we were very close as well.

Every summer was spent at their house overlooking the beach, and at that beach. We spent summers swimming, having barbecues, going to the waterslides, picking carrots from their garden and hoard upon hours were spent playing cards. One of my favourite memories from my grandparents house is the giant (almost as big as me) stuffed dog that they had when I was a kid. I always looked forward to seeing my dog friend every time I went there. Poor guy, I don’t actually know what happened to him.

Another memory I have is from when I was around 7 or 8 years old. When my grandparents visited us, they slept downstairs. I always felt bad about that because that basement was creepy as hell. I would sneak downstairs at night to visit them. On one particular night, my granny took me back upstairs and we ended up playing cards at probably around 3 or 4 A.M. That is one of my fondest memories because she always talked about it even as recently as my last visit. I’m 25 years old now.

My sisters slept on bunkbeds until I was old enough to visit my grandparents alone and then I would get to sleep on the bunkbeds. I always chose the bottom bunk because I was scared of falling off of the top bunk. Also, the ladder really hurt the feet.

When I got older, I got to visit my grandparents by myself. My grandpa would take me to the library and sometimes to the beach. I watched a lot of Judge Judy with my granny and we would eat chips and cookies before dinner. We watched a lot of CFL football and played a lot of dice and card games. Hours were spent playing cards. That is something I will truly never forget. Hours upon hours were also spent at the casino when I turned 18 and was able to join my grandparents. A lot of hours were also spent playing the slots on her iPad. She loved the casino.

So many memories that are now just that: memories. The fact that I have seen my granny for the last time has not fully sunk in. It’s hard to come to terms with. In a recent email to me, she said “I sure wish I could be here to see you graduate.” I assured her that she would be, but that now will not be reality. It’s painful to think about but I know that I have to push through and get my degree, if for no one else, for her.

I saw my granny on FaceTime just a couple of nights before she passed. I never would have imagined that that would be the last time I would see her in my lifetime. Never would have ever thought that. Let this be a lesson. Always tell your loved ones that you love them because one day it will be too late.

I really cannot believe that she is gone. There will not be a day that goes by that I won’t think of her. My heart is truly broken. I know that she has been reunited with her mom and brothers and my grandpa. That gives me a bit of comfort.

Until we meet again, Gran.



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