Resolutions for 2016

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

I don’t normally make resolutions for the new year because I never stick to them, but this year I decided to really think about what I want to change in my life. It’s always good to have goals so that you can improve upon things.

My first resolution for 2016 is to shift my focus from the social aspect of university to the actual academics and to stop comparing the University of Calgary to SAIT. For the first four months of university, I really dwelled on the fact that it is really difficult to make friends at university, especially when classes are so big. I kept thinking about how amazing my life at SAIT was and therefore feeling nothing but bitterness toward the U of C. I have to stop this and focus on making life at the U of C as good as it can be, while still keeping in close contact with my support system that is still fully in tact at SAIT. I loved SAIT, and I still love my people there but U of C isn’t SAIT and I must remember that.

This is cliche, but I need to get my health in order. Being more healthy and getting issues taken care of so that I can focus on school and what is important.

Driving more and gaining confidence on the road. I am comfortable driving the routes that I have driven a number of times, such as to the university but I need to start driving to other places instead of relying on getting rides.

Starting to write my book. I have been told many times by a lot of different people that I should write a book about my life with Moebius and such. I have always wanted to but never knew where to start. I will start my book this upcoming year.

Being more active in the Moebius community, getting involved with the conference this summer and raising more awareness by doing things such as blogging on a more consistent basis.

I know that these goals are super measurable, but they are a start. There are definitely things that I need to work on, so I hope that I can stick to these. I think the biggest thing is to stop comparing the U of C to SAIT. It’s really hindering my ability to adapt to life at university and really enjoying it.
What are some of your resolutions for 2016? How do you stick to them? Let’s keep each other accountable for keeping our resolutions!

Have a safe and happy new year! Onward and upward to 2016!


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