Because it was the greatest two years imaginable.

Hello everyone.

So, today my best friend and I went to SAIT so that she could meet with the academic chair of the journalism program, because my friend is super interested in taking the program. I’m a bit biased, but I think it’s the greatest program ever. I know the academic chair pretty well, so I was more than happy to make the introduction.

We had coffee with one of my other teachers before we met with the academic chair, and I think that made my friend even more intent on applying for the program. It just showed her what I’ve known all along, which is that the whole journalism faculty is just amazing and that if you take time to get to know them, they are the best allies that you can possibly have. They were nothing but amazing to me, and the best support system that I could ever imagine.

On the way home, we were discussing our visit to SAIT and I asked what she thought of it and whether she was going to apply. She saw what I’ve seen for the last two years: people who will take the time to sit and chat and get to know you. They are also amazing at their jobs and what they do. They’ve all worked in the field so they obviously know what they’re talking about.

Sam, I legit hope that you apply. I have a feeling that you’ll get into the program for the fall and when you do, it will be a complete life changer. Going to SAIT for the past two years did change me. I want you to have the same incredible experience that I had. I want everyone to find people like I found at SAIT. I want everyone to find something that they are passionate, like I am about writing, awareness and advocacy.

I know I’ve gushed about this in my last like, 4 blogs but no one really knows how deeply I appreciate everyone in that faculty who have helped me along the way. They were all SO supportive and there was nothing that they wouldn’t do to help me if I needed it. And I know they’d do the same for anyone else that reached out and asked for help.

I’m fearing starting university in the fall because what I had at SAIT can not be duplicated anywhere, much less at a university where there are literally thousands of students.

I miss the small classes and how close we all became. I miss the teachers who helped shape me as a person and helped me find myself. They all taught me that I can be someone. I can go anywhere and do anything and that I shouldn’t let having Moebius syndrome hold me back from chasing my writing dreams. They showed me empathy, acceptance and most of all, they supported me through absolutely everything.

I would not have gotten through without them. I just would not have.

SAIT changed my life for the better, and I know that it will have that impact on absolutely everyone who opens their heart and mind to it.

This isn’t goodbye. I know that I will still be connected with my teachers and friends there, just in a different way. Instead of seeing them every day for class, we will go for coffee. I will share with them how my experience at the U of C is going and how different it is and thank them (yet again) for helping me find who I am supposed to be.

They got me to this place that I’m at. Going to university.. I never saw myself doing that. They showed me that it was possible and they made me believe that I really could do it.

One of my teachers replied to an email that I had sent him and a line near the end of the email read:

“We all believe in you, Kelsey. More than you know.”

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you.


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