Goodbyes and new beginnings

Hello everyone!

So, today marks the first day of the practicum that I have to complete in order to finish the journalism program. It is exciting, as I am really excited to see where this will lead me. New beginnings.

Last Friday was my last class. Technically we still have a couple classes after practicum, but Friday was the beginning of the end. Goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I am a little shocked that I didn’t cry once on Friday, which I really thought I would. Over the last two years, I have become so close to the people in my classes. We have had all of the same classes for two years, and not seeing them every day is going to be a sad change. We all went for lunch after class on Friday and it was great to spend that couple of hours together laughing and reminiscing.

Let me tell you, these people have been my closest friends for the last two years. There have been many laughs, and many class breaks spent together. We’ve spent time at the bar together, at the campus coffee shop, and many Timbits were consumed between us.

When I first came to SAIT, I was worried that I would spend a lot of time alone. I was scared that I wouldn’t make friends. I was worried that I wouldn’t be accepted.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve never felt more accepted. I’ve never felt a stronger sense of belonging. I’ve never felt such a connection to a school.

It’s not only my classmates who have been amazing. It’s everyone at SAIT. It’s the Academic Chair of the journalism program who, when I told her how scared I was to start university in the fall, offered to go to said university and take a tour with me. It’s my teachers who are always, always there for me. It’s the strongest sense of belonging that I have ever felt and I only have a month left here. When you really love something, the time just flies.

It’s been two years of amazing-ness. And I have loved every moment.


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