The end is near.

…The end of college, that is.

Today I had my grad photos taken. It is actually quite a momentous occasion. Because I have Moebius, I never dreamed that I would get this far. I know that is a pessimistic outlook on life but oh, I was definitely pessimistic. I only applied to SAIT because I felt like I was just being a burden and had to do something with my life.

I took the chance and applied. Not only did I get in, but this college experience could not have been better. The people here, from my classmates to my teachers, even the Academic Chair of the journalism program have been nothing but supportive and amazing. I am really going to miss it here. It’s kind of like my new safe haven, if that makes sense. I love SAIT. Right now, typing this blog, I am sitting almost exactly where I was sitting a year and a half ago on my very first day here. Man, I felt so lost and alone. If only I knew what a year and a half here would bring. It has been a life changing experience and I feel like i have really grown as a person and come out of my shell. Yes, it is still difficult sometimes and some days I ask myself what I am doing here. Having Moebius isifyi really a roller coaster of emotion sometimes. It is still hard to go and interview new people, and I struggle with what people think of me. I know that I shouldn’t care, but sometimes I still do.

The thing that I have learned is that you cannot let fear or apprehension hold you back. My first day at SAIT was terrifying. But I didn’t give up. I couldn’t even if I had wanted to. I stuck with it and now I am amazed at how very wonderful this whole experience has been. Wonderful to the point that I really don’t want to be done school here.

To everyone who has been in my shoes; to everyone who has felt that they would never amount to anything, I say this. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams because they have the potential to lead to something both life changing and amazing. I will never regret coming to SAIT, it has only been a positive experience.

Chase those dreams, and never let your fears hold you back.


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