Kickoff to year 24

First off, I am sorry if this blog ends up making no sense. It’s 2:40 A.M. and I just got home from celebrating my 24th birthday (December 14) with some of my amazing friends. Between the shots of sambuca and the bellinis, a lot of alcohol was consumed in five hours.

My birthday started off with a bit of a mess at brunch with my family. Drinks got spilled, we waited for an hour for our food, etc. It ended up okay as they paid for our meal.

Then some friends and I went to see the lights at the zoo. It was pretty fun, but it wasn’t as good as it has been in previous years. The best part was definitely the chocolate orange gelato.

We then went to a restaurant that has amazing bellinis, but their bellini machine was broken so we decided to go to a place right across the parking lot. Turns out that their bellinis were even more amazing and the food was also amazing. My friends and I sat there for five hours just talking, drinking and having a great time.

Most of the friends that were there are my friends from my journalism classes, but one was a girl that I met through volunteering and one is a friend from high school. They’re just the best friends and it was a really fantastic evening.

I could not ask for better friends and I had such a great time ringing in my 24th year with them.

Here’s to an amazing 24th year, and more fun times with some really great people. I loves you guys!! No one knows my affinity for everything Frozen like you guys do. ❤ Thank you for being the best!


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