The importance of a support system.

Hi everyone!

I am trying to blog on a regular basis but with school starting again, it’s difficult to find the time.

So, I have been back to school for about two and a half-ish weeks now. For those that don’t know, I am in my second year of the journalism program. It’s a two year program so this is basically the home stretch.

So far, classes are going well. I love my online journalism class, as we have to create an online publication and mine is based on raising awareness of disabilities in the city. It is going to be really fun and hopefully really rewarding as well. My other classes are News Writing and Editing, Visual Journalism (video) and Journalism Projects (writing and editing stories for the student journalism newspaper). They are all going pretty well and I am excited for this year.

Our classes are great in the fact that I have the same people in my class for every class. The thing that kind of sucks is that all of the sections were mixed up this year. Thankfully, our class this year is made up of almost everyone from my section last year and that is super great! I love everyone in my classes that I knew from last year, they’re some of the best people ever.

When you’re in college, having a support system is crucial. This is especially true if you have a condition that brings challenges that other students don’t have. It will make life very difficult if you don’t have this support. I feel like I have found that support system in my friends from my classes and most importantly, from my teachers. My teachers, who will take time out of their busy schedules to listen to my concerns, struggles or challenges are the best people ever. Their knowledge is profound, as they have actually been in the journalism field for years and their willingness to go out of their way to help with anything is outstanding. I am so, so lucky to have such amazing people that I know are always there to support me. It is going to make this year so much easier having their support. I don’t know if they read my blog but if any of you are reading this, I just want to say thank you so much for everything that you have done and continue to do to help me through this program. I know that I have challenges that other students don’t, and your support is just truly amazing.

My journalism classmates are the best. They are also super supportive of me, which I appreciate so much. I just can’t say how outstanding everyone here is, from my journalism friends to my teachers. The support that they give me is something that I do not take for granted and it makes my classes so much better. I am doing a video project for my visual journalism class which entails interviewing a few of my classmates and asking them two questions about if their perception of those with disabilities has changed now that they know me. Some of the answers that they gave almost brought a tear to my eye, they were that sweet. You guys are some of the kindest souls on the planet and I could not ask for better classmates or friends, so thank you!! ❤

And to my best friends who are outside of school, I also am so lucky to have you guys in my life and have people that know me possibly better than I know myself. Continue reading


We will always rise.

I got my fourth tattoo done last Friday, and it is definitely the most meaningful tattoo that I have. Ready for it?


So, you’re probably looking at it and wondering “what the heck is that supposed to be?”

The purple symbol is the symbol of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know what Moebius Syndrome is. If you’re just stumbling across this and have no idea what it is, I will explain. And welcome to my blog! 🙂

Moebius syndrome is a very rare neurological condition. Moebius is classified as the underdevelopment or malformation of some of the cranial nerves. These nerves control facial movement, among many other things. It causes facial paralysis, limb abnormalities, speech problems, feeding problems, vision problems, etc.

The quote in the banner referencing Maya Angelou’s poem called Still I Rise, It is such a powerful poem and one that we with Moebius can all relate to. Basically it means whatever having Moebius syndrome throws at us, we will always rise above and overcome.

Never underestimate your worth. Just because we have something so rare and something that causes many challenges, we should not be held back by it. We will always rise. We can do anything and be anything. I feel so blessed that I have my moebius family by my side and they are with me in everything that I do. I will always be there for you guys and will do whatever it takes to raise awareness of this rare condition.

We will always rise.