Used to it.

I know that I have blogged about this before so I won’t go blog crazy here but I noticed something today. I went to apply at a few places for a job for the summer. I need a job but am not getting any callbacks so I am getting a little desperate.

Anywho, after I went to take my resume in, I went to the Starbucks nearby. I contemplated what I was going to order and decided to go for the green tea frappuchino. I said it three times and the guy still wasn’t getting it. He went to the screen thing to try and figure out what I was asking for. He then went to get someone else. I said it a couple more times and she finally got it. Obviously no one made a big deal of it or anything, but I noticed a change in myself. I think if this had been a year ago, I would have been humiliated and focused on the ordeal for days to come. I wasn’t that phased by it. I got my drink, got in my car and drove home. I didn’t actually think about it again until now, sitting here writing this blog. I mean, it’s a bit embarrassing to have someone completely not understand what you are trying to say but I guess I have gotten used to it. This has happened more times than I could ever count so I think I kind of expect that people won’t understand me now. Normally that’s not the case but today it was.

The message here is perseverance. Don’t get flustered if someone doesn’t understand, and don’t change what you are trying to say or order. Keep repeating and write it down if necessary. It might make you feel self conscious to do that but hey, who cares what others think. I have learned to stop caring what people around me say or think and start living for myself, pushing for what I want or need. I mean this in the sense of having Moebius and what other people think pertaining to that. Obviously we need to care about others and take their needs and thoughts into consideration, unless they are negative. As people with an obvious physical difference, we do not need that added stress in our lives.

To those with Moebius or other differences, never let others negate or destroy your self worth. Hold your heads up high because you are beautiful and have just as much right to walk on this earth amongst everyone else. We are not the only ones who struggle with self worth and we will not be the last. Keep your self worth close at heart and don’t let others destroy it!

Also, a mention for the people of Alberta. It has been exactly one year today since the southern Alberta flood in 2013. I remember that day well, as I too was impacted by the floods and was evacuated via combine. The resilience and compassion of this province is outstanding. We made it through. There is a lot of work still to be done but we made it through. Continue to support your neighbours if they are in need. Proud to be from this amazing province.


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