New ideas.

So tonight, I was talking to someone younger than me who also has Moebius.

He had sent me a friend request, and I totally forgot about it until tonight and his mom asked if I would be willing to add him so he could talk to me about having Moebius and such. I, of course, am willing to talk to anyone with Moebius and give them advice and tell them my life experiences in hopes of being able to help them.

I definitely love the feeling of being able to help those younger than me navigate through some of the challenges that they have, because I had the same challenges growing up.

So this actually gave me an idea. I was thinking of maybe doing some kind of social work. Not a psychologist or anything like that but someone who talks to those with disabilities to help them through the challenges that they are facing. My speech does create a barrier sometimes, and this is an issue but I think I can still find a way to communicate. People with disabilities go through things that “average” people just can’t completely understand. I have gone through these things, I have experienced things that no one else I know has. If I can use these experiences to help people, then they would be worth it. I want help people navigate through their lives with disabilities and I really am hoping to make this happen. I just can’t let things, like my speech, hold me back.

If anyone has any ideas on how I could help, please feel free to comment here. Maybe I could set up an online thing where people with disabilities can go to ask questions, etc. I know that some sites like that exist but the difference is that I think having a disability myself, I definitely have insight that people without disabilities don’t have.


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