Job hunting and Moebius

I am officially done my first year of college! It seems so surreal. It does not feel like it has been 8 months! It was an amazing year of growing, changing and overcoming obstacles. I met so many amazingly great people and did things that I didn’t know I could do.

Now that I am done school for the summer, it is onto the job hunt. I know that everyone has trouble in some form or fashion while job hunting but I think those of us with Moebius have an added obstacle. That obstacle is having a noticeable difference, whether it is how we look (facial paralysis) or how we sound (speech problems due to malformed tongues, etc).

I have been searching for something within the journalism field but those kinds of jobs are hard to find especially for a student with no official accreditation. I have now moved on to searching for jobs unrelated to journalism. Anything will do for the summer. I would totally take an administrative or secretary job but these require talking on the phone, talking to clients, etc. I can be hard to understand because of having Moebius so I feel that those kinds of jobs would not work for me. Even for retail type jobs, one of the job requirements that is always present is “excellent communication skills”. I can talk and converse with people but I can’t deny that I can be hard to understand, especially to people that don’t know me. I feel like this is a problem that all of us with Moebius face. Please correct me if I am wrong, as I don’t want to put words in anyones mouths.

It is a very difficult situation. I have to find a job for the summer. My family is pressuring me to do so and I need to make some money before school starts again in September. I know that a lot of people don’t understand how difficult this is for me, so I ask you to do this: Imagine for a moment that you have a physical different. You look different than other “normal” people. This causes people to stare sometimes and ask awkward questions. You cannot blink or show facial expression. You can’t even smile. Your speech is difficult to understand and this, combined with your physical difference makes people wonder sometimes if you have mental impairments also. This is my reality, everyone. It really is. This is my reality and this is the reality of others that have Moebius syndrome.

This is why I feel so strongly about raising awareness of Moebius. I think it is so important to make people see that even though we may look or sound different, we are just as cognitively capable as everyone else, if not more so. I know that I say this in every blog post but raising awareness is my life goal. This is one of the reasons that I am in a journalism program. The written word is the best way to raise awareness, I believe.

I’m not going to combine two blog posts so, stay tuned! There will be another post coming either later today or tomorrow.

I want to leave a legacy in this world and I want that to be improving the lives of others with Moebius. My hopes are that future generations will not have to experience the hardships that I have.


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