2013 recapped.

So, today marks the end of the year 2013. I actually think that this may have been my best year yet. So much happened. There was a lot of positive things but also some very negative.

2013- The year of accomplishments.

2013 started out like any other. I stayed home and celebrated with my dad. By celebrate, I mean I watched Lilo and Stitch, ate some snacks, watched the ball drop in Times Square and went to bed. Exciting as always. I didn’t know on that night how incredible 2013 would be but I also did not know the loss that also would come with the new year.

In January, I got my drivers license! I was really scared to drive and didn’t really drive much at all after I got it, except to work and back home. I was even nervous to drive around town. Now, at the end of the year, I am getting over this fear of driving. I drove into the next town over the other day on the highway and it was totally fine. Driving isn’t as scary as I once thought it was. My poor CRV died in the flood but I got a newer CRV a few months ago and I absolutely love it. Best car out there.

Not much more happened until March, which is when I had my gallbladder taken out. I had been having gallbladder attacks for months, if not years. There is no worse pain, I kid you not. If you never have to endure it, I do envy you. When I had my gallbladder taken out, I had pain from the small incisions but it wasn’t too bad. The Percocet killed any pain. It was lovely. I no longer have to worry about what I eat, whether it will cause my gallbladder to flare up or not. I avoided that like the plague.

March brought something else amazing. I was accepted into the journalism program at college. When I opened that acceptance letter, I had never felt a greater feeling. I could not believe it.


In April I went to my dad’s condo in California for about a week before I had to start work again. I was on leave of absence for months due to my gallbladder. California was so much fun. We went to Disneyland and most of the time, I just lay around in the sun.

IMG_2223 IMG_2232 IMG_2257

I came back at the end of April and started work again. I just basically worked until June. There was tons of construction going on at my house too at that time so it was pretty hectic.

Then, on June 20th, everything changed. The worst (and most expensive) natural disaster in Canadian history hit. It was a flood that no one in southern Alberta had ever witnessed before. My town was the hardest hit area, and it is still trying to get back on its feet even today, more than 6 months later. Parts of town that were never supposed to flood that have never flooded before, flooded. The damage was unlike anything I could ever imagine or fathom. We had 2 months of almost steady rain and that, combined with the melting of snow in the mountains created an immense disaster. I was at work that morning. Our power went out but we had to stay. We were just cleaning up things when one of my co workers got a call from her husband to get out now because the water was coming our way. We all ran outside and the field beside my work was already flooded. I got in my car but since the main road was already flooded, police and firefighters had it blocked off so I tried to go the back way. I came upon a huge flood of water across the road but I had no idea how deep it was. I decided to try to get through it as I was so desperate to get out of town, to get home. My CRV stalled in the middle and water was coming in the doors. I was panicking a bit.. Or a lot. Some guys in a truck stopped to help me and I had to jump in their truck and I was soaking as the water was at least up to my knees. It was just pure chaos. I got back to my work finally and waited. There were people stranded there with their pets. It was absolutely pure chaos. Finally, a huge combine came and a co worker and I ran to get on it. Literally, it was the only way to get to higher ground. It was either a combine, boat or helicopter. It was devastating. Some people lost absolutely everything that day. It was terrible, absolutely terrible.

The town was essentially locked down for a few weeks. No one was allowed in after the mandatory evacuation.

While I couldn’t be at work, I went to B.C to visit my grandparents. My Grandpa was in a hospice by this time. He had cancer and wasn’t doing very well. When I got to B.C, I went to the hospice that day. It took me a while to prepare myself to walk into his room as I didn’t know what I would see. It was devastating. I walked in and said hi. He raised his arms to give me a hug. My mom said I was the only person he did that for.. I lost it and had to run out of the room. Probably the hardest thing I have ever experienced, ever. My grandpa passed away on July 15th, 2013. That was one of the worst days of my life. I think of my grandpa every day and I miss him a lot. That is the loss that 2013 brought me. It was a very devastating loss. The flood and the loss of my grandpa were the lowest points of 2013, if not my life.

The rest of July and August were spent working. On August 15th, there was a flood relief concert at the football stadium here. There was about 30, 000 people there. This city really came together during the flood to help others and came together to help raise money for flood victims. It was a great evening with my best friend.

IMG_3929 IMG_3949 IMG_3958

I finished work on about the 22nd of August. My best friend and I went to see Russell Brand on the 23rd and then move in day for college was the 24th.

And that’s where I am now. The last for months have been dedicated to my first semester of college and it has been amazing. I know I have blogged about the people and my classes and such. It’s just been amazing. I am so grateful to have chosen the college that I did. There have been some fun things mixed into the last 4 months, such as my first (and second and third) tattoo!


No regrets.

No regrets.


And visiting my pony when I was at home on the weekends.

Wondering if I had treats..

Wondering if I had treats..

Standing at the fence.

Standing at the fence.


Last month, my granny had to make the hard decision to move out of the home that she shared with my grandpa for 25 years. It was a difficult time for all of us, as that house was a second home. Every summer that I can remember was spent there and most holidays too.



September, October and November were basically spent getting adjusted to college life, going to class and doing homework. December was hectic with the end of the semester. We had so many final papers and assignments to do. It ended up great though.
I was very happy with the marks that I got in my classes and am very much looking forward to ate new semester that starts next week.
Christmas was amazing, and I spent it with my family. We had a lot of fun. I got up at the crack of dawn to go Boxing Day shopping the day after Christmas as per usual. I can’t believe that after tonight, the holidays are over.


There’s a lot more that happened in 2013 news wise but I feel like that would cover a whole other blog post so I will just go with what happened in my life personally this past year.

2013 was an amazing year. It may have been my best year yet. Yes, I experienced great loss and that was very difficult but a lot of other great things happened also. And I know that my grandpa is still with me, watching down and guiding me. I know it. Maybe that’s why college is going so well and the other aspects of my life are going well because he is guiding me.
I have made huge life changes this past year and I’m hoping to continue this trend in 2014.

2013 has been an amazing, life changing year and here’s to making 2014 even better! I am excited to see what the new year has in store for me!

Happy new year, everyone! Be safe and have fun.

Let’s ring in 2014!



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