All decisions have consequences and I am quite aware of this.

My family, mainly my sisters, have made it very clear to me today that they don’t approve of my recent tattoo spree.

Honestly, after years of caring what everyone thought of me and feeling like nothing I did was ever good enough, I think it is safe to say that I no longer care what anyone thinks.

I am almost 23 years old and I am quite capable of making decisions for myself. All actions and decisions have consequences and I am quite aware of this. I am tired of people thinking that their opinions should have an impact on me and that I should heed their advice. I will do what I want. The girl that works at the tattoo shop that I go to is covered in tattoos. She is super pretty and the tattoos don’t detract from that. As she said, there are worse things that I could do to myself.

Tattoos tell stories and I am telling mine. Will there be more? Absolutely.

That being said, I do take the advice that people (family, especially) give me to heart. I do think about it and I do consider it. Does this mean that I am obligated to do what people think I should do? I’m tired of avoiding doing things because of what people will think. I am the one who has to live with these tattoos for the rest of my life, this is the consequence to my action. It’s not a bad consequence to me, however. I am totally in love with the tattoos that I have, especially the one that I got yesterday. Will I regret them in 10, 20, 60 years? I don’t know. However, I am NOT going to live for the future because the future is never promised. Do things that you want to do, love who you want to love, get the tattoos that you want because you don’t know how long this life will last. Make it your best.

No regrets.

No regrets.


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