End of semester stresses.

15 days to go until the end of the 2013 fall semester. My first semester of college..

The first semester have been up and down for sure but it has mostly been good. Met a whole bunch of awesome new people and my life has definitely changed. I am excited for the Christmas break though and it will be much needed.

The end of the semester brings about a lot of stress. I have three assignments (big assignments) due today. I have a paper due Monday and about 3 papers due the last week of class. Not to mention my media software work which this blog is part of. Also, my marketing class assignments. There is a lot to do, a lot to finish up.

I thrive on stress, even though it is obviously hard on me. Stress and pressure push me and that is how I work best. If I know that I have an assignment due the next day or even the same day, I will be more apt to work on it than I would be if I had a month to do it.

Am I feeling confident about my classes this semester? For the most part, I would say yes. There have been a few bumps along this road but I think everything will end up okay. I have a meeting with the academic chair of the journalism program this morning. Not going to lie, I am super scared. She initiated the meeting because my photography teacher talked to her about my aversion to working in groups on projects or one on one with someone else photographing them. It’s weird for me. Although yesterday I worked with a super nice girl on an assignment for class and it was fine. I don’t know what it is about working with people that makes me not want to do it. Well, that’s not completely true I guess but I know the people in my classes now. It has been almost 4 months.

4 months.. Wow. That is crazy! It feels like I was just moving into res, just going to my first classes and getting completely lost. I cannot believe that 4 months have gone by.. It is crazy to think about.

I am glad that I took the plunge, applied for journalism and got accepted into the program. Is it exactly what I imagined? No, but it is still good. I like the people in my classes. My teachers are really great. Yes, there have been ups and downs in the last four months but it has been mostly good.

Bring on the holidays!



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