Just had a total epiphany.

I was just sitting at my computer, looking at an assignment that I have to do for one of my classes, and I had a total lightbulb moment. It totally just dawned on me, and maybe I knew it before but now I am blogging about it. I know I have blogged about how people perceive those of us who look different but this totally relates to my tattoo experience the other day. Like I said in my tattoo post, my tattoo artist guy was super nice, made sure I knew what he was doing, when he was starting the tattoo, etc. Annnd he may have been super hot too. BUT that’s beside the point and we’re getting off topic (but he was).

I know I kind of touched on this in my blog post yesterday but I feel the need to revisit it. I mentioned that I didn’t say much to this guy who was doing my tattoo, even though obviously I could have. I said yesterday that it was for the fear of him not understanding me, and that is partly true as it is with every new person I encounter. But now, there’s a new element to add to this saga. It was his perception of me that I think I was partly afraid of, or what I assumed his perception of me was. That perception may have been that I am mentally challenged (as some people assume) or that I wasn’t the type of person that he usually worked on. I’m not saying that he had either of these perceptions. He could have been completely indifferent, I don’t know. But what I do know is that that’s one of the reasons that I didn’t converse with him much. That and the whole speech dealio.

You’re probably reading this and wondering why I wasted 10 minutes of your life with this endless, pointless, rambling tangent that I just went on. I do apologize but I had to blog about this.

So, I’m looking for advice, suggestions, comments, etc etc as always! How do I shake this? How do I totally overlook whatever perception that I think someone has of me and act totally normal around them? I’ve never been one to be able to strike up a conversation but I would love to be able to change that!


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