Some days are infinitely better than others.

So, it’s 2:30 AM and I just got home. I don’t stay out this late ever.. But I had the most amazing last 10 hours!

It started off by volunteering at an event called Light the Night which was for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. It was an amazing event. I was working behind the incentives table, giving people who had registered and raised money lanterns, shirts, hoodies, gloves, etc. There were three colours of lanterns; gold, white and red. Gold was for if you were walking in memory of someone who passed away from blood cancer, white was for survivors and red was for walking in support of someone with cancer. The most emotional time for me was when a mother came to get a blue shirt (for survivors) for her four year old daughter who has survived cancer. Four years old and she has beat cancer.. I mean, think of all she has been through in her short 4 years. It really hit me. And there were thousands of people there. The most popular colour lantern was red. There were far too many gold lanterns given out but also a lot of white ones for survivors. It was an incredible event and it really goes to show that everyone knows someone affected by cancer and I believe that we will see a cure in our lifetime. I can only hope so. Also, after I got my volunteer shirt and lanyard, I was walking towards where I was supposed to go and I felt a tap on my shoulder. A girl that I had worked with at the Underwear Affair two years ago saw me and came to say hi. Not going to lie, I didn’t remember who she was at first but then she mentioned the Underwear Affair and I knew. We hung out a bit after the event and she gave me a ride to where I was going. Such a nice girl, I was definitely glad to see her again!

So while I was working there, a friend texted me and said let’s go out. Come to this club because her sister’s friend’s band was playing. I made it to the club after going to the wrong place (oops) and it was AMAZING. The drummer who is a friend of my friends sister came and sat with us between sets and he was gorgeous. Everyone was dancing and having an awesome time. It was an amazing day and I am grateful for some pretty amazing people.

My ears are ringing and I think it’s time for bed.


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