Social Issues.

I hope that I don’t ruffle any feathers with this post, but alas we can not all agree on everything. If you don’t agree please don’t swear at me and tell me how wrong I am. These are my opinions which we are all entitled to. By all means you can comment and tell me what your opinions are (politely please). Tell me why you agree or disagree. I am ttally open to that.

A friend posted a story on Facebook about how the US government is cutting welfare and food stamp payments. I read that they were cutting it by $5 but I could be mistaken about that. I definitely DO NOT consider myself an expert on this subject, not at all. Being from Canada I can’t say that I have a lot of knowledge on the subject so I am going on what people who know more than me are saying. If this is in fact true, I think that a lot of people are going to be falling on a lot harder times. The thing is, when we think of people on welfare or food stamps generally we think of the people who abuse the system, the people who use that money for drugs and alcohol. We think of the people who don’t really need our help. But there is a lot more to it than those people. Those people are just the ones who make the news or who we see on the street. We tend to generalize and cast prejudice when it comes to the issue of welfare. I am not going to lie, I used to be the same. I used to think that all homeless people were people who were alcoholics or drug users. My mom made me go with her a few times to volunteer at our local food bank and I saw that that was definitely not the case. Now obviously those people who abuse the system are out there but who I saw at the food bank were families, children, some elderly people. These are people who are not abusing the system, they just need a little help. And they can’t just walk in off the street and get food. They go through background checks, finance checks, etc to see if they qualify. Some of them actually DO work. They just don’t make enough to make ends meet. A minimum wage job ($9.95 in Alberta) is not enough to live off of. They are grateful for the food that they get at the food bank. And they are not proud to be there. I am sure it must bring a little shame and pain to them to have to use the food bank. To see the donations from companies and people brings a little happiness to me though. They had tons of food, all donated. And why shouldn’t we help out people in need? Isn’t that what the human race is about? We need to help our fellow human beings. If support is cut by $5, it may not seem like much but to a family it could mean that they go without a meal or worse, without a day of food. Not trying to be dramatic here but there are real people out there who this is going to affect. What about the elderly people who worked their who lives, maybe even served in the military for our country? What if they don’t have enough income to buy groceries? Don’t they deserve some help? The mother with 3 children who just lost her job, who no longer has an income to feed her kids. Does she not deserve a bit of help? People do fall on hard times and if we want a better world, we need to start helping them out.

The next social issue is a bit of a touchy one. The issue of universal healthcare. Again, I am not expert on ObamaCare and exactly what it is or what it entails. All I know of universal healthcare is the system that we have in Canada. We pay taxes that go to healthcare. Publicly funded health care. What does this mean? It means that we don’t have to pay to see a doctor or visit and emergency room. Most surgeries are covered. A lot of things are covered. Now, some things aren’t covered. Some dental isn’t covered without insurance. Prescription drugs for the most part aren’t covered unless you have insurance. But it is the basic things that are covered, the essentials. Having Moebius Syndrome, I have had more doctors visits, surgeries, ER visits, hospital stays than you can imagine. If that had not all been covered by the health care system, I honestly do not know where my family would be financially. It would have been a huge burden. And since I have a pre-existing condition insurance would have been impossible to get. Thankfully our insurance company has some “guaranteed policies” if you do not qualify for the group plans. I didn’t qualify because of a pre existing condition. However, I still have insurance thanks to the guranteed plans. We pay a bit higher premiums but I have ambulance coverage, private hospital room coverage, vision coverage and some dental coverage. I am still covered. There are no negatives to me. Yes we may pay a bit higher taxes than those in the States, but I don’t think you’ll find many Canadians that complain. To me, having the knowledge that I can walk into any hospital or doctors office and get care without worrying about having to pay is more than worth it. And no the government does not choose my doctor or hospital. I can go to any walk in clinic, doctor or hospital and show them my Alberta Healthcare Card and I am good to go. I am grateful for our healthcare system and I couldn’t imagine not having universal health care. I have heard Americans say “why should I pay for other people’s health care when I have insurance?” and I think to myself, why would you not want to help everyone in your country? There are those who go without health care because they can not afford it and can not get insurance. And you’re not only helping them but you’re helping yourself and your family. Those with universal healthcare don’t complain about the higher taxes because we know the good that it does. Again, I am not an expert on the situation, these are just my personal thoughts and opinions.

Agree or disagree, please do leave me a comment and say why. And please don’t attack me. I am not an expert, just someone who has been on the side of needing the medical system a lot in my lifetime.


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