It’s Time.

This post isn’t so much about Moebius but it is about self image and getting healthy.

I am guilty of stopping at Tim Hortons almost every day after work and getting an Iced Capp and a muffin or donut or some other unhealthy snack. I am also guilty of buying way too much candy, pop and junk food. It’s time to change and get healthy. What spurred this is very recent. Like, 2 hours ago recent. I was outside and was taking a few pictures. When I saw the pictures it hit me. I’m not healthy and I am not a healthy size. I’m not saying that I am super obese or anything but just not happy with my body. I know all the magazines now are saying “all women have curves” and “love yourself” and all that but that advice is misleading. Yes, you should love yourself no matter how you look but you have to realize when you’re not at a healthy weight. It is not how you look, it is about being healthy. I am about 5′ 3″ and about 165 pounds probably.. Maybe a bit more. That’s not good. I know that I’ll never be stick thin (although I was when I was younger) but there are definitely pounds to be lost.

So, my new regimen is going to be this:

1) No more stopping for fast food after work. Limit to once a week at most.

2) No more buying anything unhealthy such as candy, cookies, pop, chips, etc

3) Exercise. Even if it’s going for a short walk somewhere. I lift heavy boxes at work all day.. I’m seriously building muscle just doing that.

4) Eat healthy! Buy healthy food and snacks. Spinach, chicken, salads, whole grain food, etc.

So now I am looking for suggestions, blog readers! If you are reading this please comment and suggest one healthy food that you like to snack on or even some healthy meals! I really need some ideas!

It’s time for change to go along with all the other changes that are soon to be taking place in my life. It really is time to get healthy and I am throwing myself into it this time. It’s not about how you look, it’s about health. Being overweight is not healthy.. It’s hard on your organs, mostly your heart and it can cause onset of diseases. I’m taking this chance to change how I eat and live. It’s not a short term diet, it’s a lifestyle change! It’s never too late to start living well!


2 thoughts on “It’s Time.

  1. Hi,

    It’s me again. Sorry but I got his message: “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” I don’t know if I did something wrong. I just copy and paste my comment again, just in case.

    My name is Marta I work with EURORDIS (european organisation for rare diseases). I’m the coordinator of a project called RareConnect. It’s an online platform that offers communities for specific diseases. Now we have 42 active communities and we expect to launch 2 more soon. One of them is for the Moebius Syndrome. The community was launched in 2011 partnered with 6 Moebius patient associations from all over the world.

    We would like if you could share one of your blog posts on the community. You could only copy and paste it and then we’ll translated into 5 languages.

    It would be great to collaborate with to to raise awareness about Moebius Syndrome

    How does it sound for you?
    This is my email: marta [dot] campabadal [arroba] eurordis [dot] org



  2. Hello, my name is Dona Busby. I am married to a man with Moebius Syndrome, had a son with Moebius, and I am raising a grandson with Moebius. My husband’s father had Moebius, his half-sister and half-brother also had Moebius, although my husband was adopted and met only his half-sister as an adult.
    I posted a couple of years ago n line about my grandson and our family about Moebius somewhere, however I have lost the blog’s location.
    Jake, my grandson, is eleven now. He is very intelligent. He is in gifted classes and is currently “skipping” sixth grade. He was recently elected as President of his 4-H club, which he is so proud of, especially because his classmates elected him. He is rather ahead in his physical development. He is 5’9″ tall, 180 pounds, voice already changed, and will HAVE to shave soon. Gotta hurry this post, but if I can find it again, I do realize he is in the age when a lot of peer pressure and self doubt has set in, and a lot of things that he feels about or doubts about himself will be too personal or honest to reveal to me. We had all the “other” talks before he was old enough to be imbarassed about it. But it is hard to know what to ask or say sometimes now.
    He has never met another child with Moebius, though his father had it (deceased) and his grandfather has it.
    Jake has normal hearing, but has had more than 10 surgeries with tubes to keep infections and fluid build up under control. He is beautiful, intelligent, has a wonderful VERY base voice, has deep chocolate brown eyes, and my husband’s strong Cherokee Indian heritage are very apparent.

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