First Impressions.

I’ve been asked to do a blog about a couple of different topics. The first one that I am going to do is this one on first impressions and having Moebius. As we all know, first impressions are what people remember about a person. It’s always important to give a good first impression whether it’s a job interview, first date, etc. You make sure you look presentable, you may rehearse what you’re going to say, you might have everything planned out. Well, having Moebius, I think a good first impression is even more key and not only that but for those of us who live with Moebius, it is a lot harder to give a good first impression. Many may not agree but I’ll tell you why I say this. For people who don’t have a physical difference like Moebius, all you have to do is be polite, dress well, say the right things and that would normally make for a good first impression. For those of us with Moebius though, even though we have dressed well, been polite, etc those same people may look at us and wonder what was wrong with us, if we have mental issues and things like that. We are usually judged solely on how we look on the outside before even opening our mouths. And then when we do open our mouths to say something, for those of us who have speech issues, I think many people are taken aback by our speech when we first meet them. Maybe they can’t understand what we’re trying to say, or maybe they are wondering if we have mental incapacities. I know as soon as someone thinks this about me. They talk really slow and like they are talking to a 5 year old. Being judged on appearance and speech is not only difficult but it makes it hard to give that wonderful first impression that we all strive for when meeting someone for the first time. I can’t speak for others but for me, job interviews or anything where I to interact with someone for the first time is the hardest part. Meeting someone for the very first time is always the toughest part because they may not be aware that there are any differences until they meet you and they may be taken aback.

I think that it is human nature to wonder about people who look different on the outside. I’m not saying that I blame people for wondering if I am mentally disabled or whatever but this is the very reason why I write this blog. I feel (and hope) that by getting my story out there, by getting our story out there (those of us with Moebius or any other physical difference) we will change the world’s mind about us. My hope is that in the very near future, we won’t feel like we are ostracized. People won’t wonder if we are mentally disabled when they meet us. They will know that we are just as or more capable than everyone else on this Earth and we all want the same things: To be successful, to be loved and above all to contribute something to this world. And that is what I hope this blog is doing.


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