Not 100% sure of the point of this post..

Day 3 post surgery. This is not going to be the most intellectual blog post ever written. I’ve already written and deleted like 5 sentences. I’ve lost the past two days, as I’ve been hopped up on painkillers. Strong ones. I still feel a bit out of sorts. 

Anyway, sitting here watching Full House and trying to tighten my grasp on reality after being knocked out for the past two days. Also, I have no idea how this thought popped into my mind but I remembered that the Iditarod dog sled race had started so I’m sitting here tracking that. I really can’t even put a coherent sentence together right now. Well, I guess I can but not one that is of any entertainment value. I’ll probably look back on this blog post in a few weeks and wondering what I was thinking when I posted it but the truth is, my brain is a bit fuzzy still. I’m sure that there are things that I wanted to talk about in this blog when I started to write it but I just don’t know anymore. Hoping that within the next few days I will be totally back to feeling normal and off these pain meds. The pain in my stomach from the incisions is going away slowly so hopefully it will be completely gone soon. I don’t know where this fits in to this blog post but I got an email this morning from the Nickelback fan club that they’re launching a “The Hits” tour in Europe. Okay so, A) they just wrapped up a tour in Europe, B) They don’t have a new CD out or anything C) Why aren’t they coming to Canada? I want to see them again. Even as an avid Nickelback fan I admit that a “the hits” tour is a little weak but I’d take it if they were to come here. Of course, I’d need some backstage passes. Everyone knows that meeting Chad Kroeger is on my bucket list. I even made it official and put it on my profile info on Twitter. 

Anyway, I’m going to wrap up this blog post because I’m starting to not make sense, even in my own head. Sooooo, look forward to more intelligent blog posts starting in the near future. 


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