Post-Surgery update.

While it hurts to lean over my laptop and type this, I thought I would write an update from surgery yesterday. My stomach, where the 4 incisions are is all taped and gauzed up. It hurts to move at all. Definitely didn’t think it would hurt this bad. It’s like the incisions are ripping when I move. I know they’re not but that is what it feels like. There’s a lot of blood too under the tape.. It’s really kind of gross to look at. The surgery itself went fine though and recovery at the hospital was fine. I think it’s partly because I was hopped up on Morphine. Now it has worn off obviously and hurts a ton more. However, they did give me some other painkillers to take home. I’ll have to take some later. When I did wake up in the recovery room yesterday, I thought I still had a breathing tube in because my throat felt so scratchy. Turns out that I didn’t, just had the oxygen thing in my nose. I was in the recovery room for like an hour and then back on the unit for another few hours then was released and got to come home. i basically laid in bed and watched movies for the rest of the day and night. It still hurts to move so I am sitting on my bed, watching Little Fockers, tweeting (follow me @CanadianDuck007) and blogging. I am hoping the pain from my stomach wounds will subside in the next day or so and then I get to start looking forward to the fact that I will never have another gallbladder attack again. That’s a pain that I will never forget. It’s awful. What I am worried about now is what I will and won’t be able to eat with a lack of a gallbladder. Will I be able to eat normally? Will my stomach be upset all the time? I’ve been eating a ton since yesterday (obviously low/no fat stuff like crackers and soup) but I am feeling fine. I was so hungry yesterday after getting home, I had to eat something so I stuffed my face with Wheat Thins. They’re my favourite crackers. Since then I’ve eaten soup, more crackers, Sugar Crisp, pudding and I’ve felt fine. Other than the pain from the incisions. Anyone who has had their gallbladder out, comment and let me know your experiences, what you eat now, etc. I’m just glad that surgery is over. 

Now that surgery is over, there are some things that I would like to focus on. Health is obviously one of them because I think I may have to change some eating habits now that I don’t have a gallbladder. Another thing that I want to really throw myself into is raising awareness of Moebius. I’ve been doing a bit of it through my blog and such but I feel like there’s even bigger and better ways to raise awareness. I’ve had a few people now tell me that I should write a book about my experiences, about Moebius and such so I am going to spend a bit of time looking into that. I don’t know about publishing or anything like that. If anyone has any suggestions on that front please let me know. I know that at some point I need to go back to work, so I will do so when I am feeling better. I also to want to plan a fundraiser for the Moebius Syndrome Conference next summer. I want to raise enough money to be able to send people that want to go but just can’t financially make it. It would also be a great opportunity to raise awareness. I’m looking for a new job too, something closer to the field that I actually want to be in which is journalism. The one other thing that I want to do is get the tattoos that I’ve been planning for the last year or so. On my left forearm I want to get the words Believe You Can. With Moebius, I’ve often felt held back so I would love to have these words to prove to me that I can do anything. On my right lower bicep, just above the bend in my elbow on the inside I want this quote from Hamlet “This above all, to thine own self be true”. I also want a small maple leaf somewhere as an ode to Canada and being a proud Canadian. 

Anyway, life has changed a bit in the past 2 days so I am just trying to adjust post- surgery. There’s definitely things now that I need/want to focus on so I hope that I can get lots done in the next few months. 



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