Pink Day. Stand up against bullying!

Today was Pink Day. A day where everyone in the country (hopefully) wore some pink in some way. I wore my pink North Face hoodie AND a pink belt. The belt was a coincidence, really. I just actually thought of that. We’ll pretend it was intentional. The pink hoodie really was intentional though. I want to let everyone know how against bullying I am and how much damage it can do. I have a rare neurological condition (which, if you read my blog you’ll probably know since that’s what this blog is about) and it has caused me to look different than others. I have facial paralysis. My eyes could not move at all when I was younger. Thanks to many, many surgeries I can now move my eyes side to side. My speech is different and hard to understand at times. This caused me to be bullied in school. It was really tough. The worst incident though, was in 2009. Someone on my Facebook friends list took pictures that I had posted and made a fake profile on another social media site. They posted some really derogatory, defaming things. The worst part though, was the comments that other people left. Horrible, horrible comments that really shook me up. Thank goodness for friends, though. Some of my friends reported the page and after a lot of reports, it was taken down. The damage was already done though. That one incident totally changed me. I deactivated my Facebook account for months. I feared everywhere I went that people were taking my picture to use in a defaming way, I sat on that social media site daily, checking the new accounts that were made to make sure that there wasn’t another one made of me. It was an incredibly awful time in my life. I was so stressed, I didn’t even want to leave my house, ever.

The bottom line here is that bullying needs to stop. Now. It’s not okay to make fun of other people, ever. It’s not okay to make someone’s life a living hell. It is NOT okay to make people feel like taking their life is the only way out. It’s not okay. Some people think that bullying is just something that kids do, that it’s not a big deal. Well, it IS a big deal. It has made many people take their own lives. It has made people live in anxiety, misery and sadness for much too long. It needs to end NOW. There are many things that you can do to help stop bullying. Lobby your government for anti-bullying laws. If you see someone being bullied, step in or tell someone. If you’re being bullied right now there is help out there! Talk to a parent or teacher. Go to or call for help. Please know that it will get better.

Bullying needs to end. It’s never okay.

It’s Rare Disease Day tomorrow, also. Trying to raise awareness of Moebius Syndrome and all other rare diseases for education and to help prevent bullying.

Spread love. Spread the message!


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