Today (technically) is the day.

So the day is finally here. The day that I say adios to my gallbladder. The thing that has been causing me the worst pain ever for a few years now. The day is here. It’s 1:30 AM (I’m noticing a trend.. all of my blogging is done at this time in the morning. Huh. Inspiring) and I have to be at the hospital by 8AM so that I means I have to be up in about 5 hours. After being up at 430 this morning to make my flight that had been cancelled the previous night. It’s been a long freaking day. And even longer ones to come, I know.

So, lots of people today have asked me if I’m nervous. Well to a point yes, I am. I hate getting put to sleep. I hate that feeling of falling and voices fading all around you. It’s like you’re falling into some abyss and you can hear people talking but they seem to get farther and farther away. And then suddenly you’re waking up. You feel extremely groggy and very disoriented. I hate the waking up and coming out of anasthesia. It’s a horrible feeling. I was thinking about all the surgeries that I have had throughout my 21 years and the number is about 14 or 15. They’re all repairing what has been affected by Moebius. I had a club foot repaired when I was a baby, I had the smile surgery when I was like 5 and 6 (they did it in two parts, and I had to go to Toronto to the SickKids hospital each time. Now I can somewhat smile.. something that most people take for granted. That and being able to show expression), I’ve had multiple eye surgeries. My eyes used to not move literally at all. This is due to the Moebius. I’ve had dental surgeries. I have a condition that causes the enamel to be unusually soft. They attribute this to Moebius. In all, I’ve had about 14 surgeries. I’m not complaining, really. Just stating a fact. There’s no use complaining about the things that you cannot change, it’s a futile, uphill battle. Accept things the way they come and just live life the best way that you can to enjoy every moment. As bad as this life can be sometimes, there is always light. There is always a way to find the light. I want to live this life because there are lots of people who are not as fortunate as we are. Think of that when you’re complaining about having to go to work, or about the traffic or about something stupid that someone did. There are so many people laying in hospital beds, wishing and willing to give anything to have your life. Think about this the next time you are about the honk your horn at the person in front of you that you perceive as driving too slow. We all need to just slow down the pace of life and enjoy it for all that it is worth. There’s so much beauty in this world. We just have to find it.

Anyway, I’d better get to sleep. I don’t know if I will though. I am dreading the next 12 or so hours. I hate anasthesia.

I hope everyone has a great day and remember, even in the darkest times, there is always light.


PS. I have the best friends ever. They bought so much awesome food for us today and we had the best little get together. We talked, ate and just had lots of fun. It was just what I needed. I love you ladies! I owe you coffee!!


One thought on “Today (technically) is the day.

  1. Love you Kelsey, sorry that the surgery was cancelled. Your blog is so inspiring, just like you. Your posts tend to leave me in tears because my heart is filled with so much love for you, and it’s amazing to see how positive you are. You should be a writer.

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