Lots of thoughts. It’ll probably turn into a rant.

I have to preface this by informing you all that I am in a lot of pain right now. Gallbladder pain is the worst pain imaginable. Trust me.

First thought is that I really don’t agree with the proposed pipeline that they are planning to build across Alberta and B.C to the west coast. Yes, it would be good for the economy. That’s all it would be good for. Not good for the land, the environment, the animals or the people who live in it’s path. What if it bursts and send oil into these sensitive ecosystems? The animals that would be displaced or killed would be devastating. Innocent, helpless animals covered in oil. It would be a heart breaking scenario. The pursuit of the almighty dollar sure can have devastating effects. I don’t agree with the pipeline proposal at all. And i come from an Albertan family. My dad worked in the oil industry. I’m not going to sit back and just agree with this because my family has different views. They support the pipeline, as most other people do because of the economic benefit. I hate to tell people that an oil spill would be damaging to the economy too. Money is not everything and I’m sick of people putting dollar signs on everything and focusing on the economics of things and not preserving the earth and all the inhabitants instead of doing only things that benefit humans. That’s the end of my rant on that.

People who make fun of disabilities and think it’s OK. I am sickened by it. Absolutely sickened. People who call other people retards. Seriously, get educated. Get a dictionary also. Maybe you don’t understand if you’ve never had a disability. Actually, if you’ve never had a disability you can’t possibly truly understand what it’s like. To get stared at, commented on, made to feel awkward.. It’s part of my life with a disability. I’ve kind of gotten used to it to be quite honest but does it get easier? Never. People liberally post pictures of themselves on Instagram and Twitter. Well not only do I think it’s stupid (identity theft? Stalkers? People who will steal your picture to use in another form without you knowing? And I’ve been called paranoid about this but I like to think of it as being internet smart) but I AM scared that someone will use my picture as something to make fun of. They’ll make a meme with some derogatory comment about disabilities. My friend (with Moebius) showed me a meme that some idiot made with a picture of a girl clearly with Moebius with a very demeaning and sick comment. We don’t know who the girl in the picture is so we can’t even let her know so she could try and trace who did it. We did report it though. In 2008 someone on my friends list on Facebook took 4 or 5 of my pictures and made a derogatory page pretending to be me on another social networking site. It messed me up. Only certain close friends can see my pictures now on Facebook, I don’t post my picture anywhere else on the internet, I’m paranoid about people in public settings taking my picture, etc etc. I’ve never really told anyone about this but people need to know the effect that bullying and this kind of thing has on people. People with disabilities are much more likely to be made fun of and some people don’t seem to get tihis. I just want to raise awareness of Moebius so that people will be educated and so they will know that people with Moebius are no less intelligent than them, and some Moebians are even more intelligent than the average person. The point of this rant? Don’t say stupid things about people who can not help looking or speaking the way they do. Grow up.

Last rant is that I hate gallbladder pain. It is the absolute worst pain ever. I have gallbladder removal surgery on Wednesday of next week. This will be probably my 16th or 17th surgery so I’m used to it but still get nervous every time.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Please be nice to everyone you come in contact with!




One thought on “Lots of thoughts. It’ll probably turn into a rant.

  1. We’ll keep you in our thoughts, Kelsey! As far as the pipeline goes, I support your family. I reviewed and commented on the environmental impact statement as a favor for one of my Canadian friends who visited Texas A&M. There are numerous safeguards in place; and the odds of one of these catastrophic events occuring as you describe are longer than you being struck by lightening.

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