So it’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the nights are getting colder, the days have a chill in the air. It takes me back to being a kid in a way. I just thought I’d take a moment and wish everyone a happy and safe (Canadian) Thanksgiving. I’d also like to take a moment and reflect on what I am personally thankful for, as that is the point of this holiday.
Some things we take for granted and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to acknowledge how thankful I am.
1) First and probably foremost, I am thankful for my family. Sure my sisters and I don’t always get along and I am guilty of swearing at my parents on occasion but my 2 sisters and I had the best childhood growing up and still have the best. Parents ever. Could not ask for better.
2) I’m thankful for my friends. Love them and I don’t know what I’d do without them. This includes my Moebius friends as well, only I don’t think of them as friends, they’re my family. They have helped me in immense ways. Not thankful for them, I am grateful. Love you guys.
3) I am thankful for my pets. They’re not just pets but they are also family. My pony, dog and cat and all the animals in my past, present and future. Love them.
4) I am just thankful for life in general and being able to wake up each morning in this amazing free country that we call Canada. I love my country and there’s nowhere else I’d like t call home. I am thankful that I can get up each morning and do whatever I please. I’ve seen how my grandparents, almost in their 90th year have struggles almost every day and I’m glad that I am at least able bodied and can do things that I want/need to do.
5) I am thankful to live in this amazing country and have the freedoms that we do. I love Canada.
6) I am thankful that I have a job. Even though I hate it at times, I’m thankful that I have it. Having Moebius makes it hard to go out and actively seek a job and it makes interviews very intimidating. Thankful that I have work though, however much I complain about it.
7) I am thankful for the doctors, nurses and hospital that have helped me over the years and that will continue to do so in the future. I am also thankful for our healthcare system and being able to see doctors, go to the ER, have necessary surgery, etc and having it covered under universal healthcare.
8) I am thankful for everything that I have. Thankful to have food, a nice house, money.. All the essential things. I am truly thankful!

If I think of more things I will add them. So now I ask you, dear blog reader.. What are you thankful for? Please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading and have an amazing Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.



One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Its a wonderful thing to recognize the blessings we have in this life. We each have struggles and difficulties in life but it sure makes life more pleasant when we can see through all the mess and know that there is good in every moment. To live in a free country is One of the greatest benefits for sure. It opens the door to so many opportunities. I am also thankful for my country (USA). It may not be a perfect place with a perfect government, but it is where I call home and I love my people. Im so thankful for this crazy sometimes exasperating life I live and all the people in it!

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