The aim of my blog.

My main goal for this blog is first and foremost to raise awareness of a rare neurological condition. That’s the most important thing to me. If we, as the Moebius Syndrome community, can get the word out there about what it is, we can educate people. This is important so that there will be no need to stare, point, or snicker at someone who looks different. They will be able to say, oh that person has Moebius. There won’t be any questions or concerns about our intellect level. I just want the awareness out there. I want to do something to change how the world sees us. I want to raise awareness.

Also, I want to stay connected with my Moebius family and I feel like a blog is a good place to start.

Last but not least (and it’s kind of the same as my first point) I want my friends without Moebius to be able to know about the struggles and such that we face. I want them to be part of my world and know what this is all about.

This is why I am doing this blog. I hope to gain more readers so I can spread the awareness of Moebius. Please help me in my quest by sharing this blog with your friends! I promise to try and keep it interesting!


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