Love will conquer all.

So, I read a post in our Moebius group on Facebook about a teenager with Moebius worried that she won’t ever find someone to marry, someone who loves her for her. Well, I thought this is an interesting topic because I have been there. Been. There. And still kind of am. I mean, I’ve thought about this an astronomical number of times throughout my young adult years. I still do, actually. Right now I guess I just kind of picture my life and being single because I have the same thoughts. Will I find a guy who can look past the Moebius, the speech issue, the expressionless face? I know that many Moebians are in committed relationships, married, etc. I feel like maybe it will happen and it will certainly only happen when the time is right. Maybe I have a negative attitude but I have kind of just accepted being on my own. Do I want to get married, maybe have kids? Of course I do. But will I find someone? I hope.

BUT in saying this, don’t exemplify me. It doesn’t have to be my future or yours. We just need to change our mindset. Real life is hugely different from high school. Adults are, for the most part, understanding and more mature. Mostly they don’t really care about whats on your outside. If you really get to know someone, that’s when real relationships are formed. And don’t go looking for love because more often than not it will come when you’re least expecting it. There is someone out there who won’t care about what makes us different. They’ll just like you for you. You’ll get along, you’ll make jokes, you’ll laugh together. I really hope that everything in life works out for each and every one of my Moebius family because goodness knows that we deserve it!


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