We ARE Family!

I was just looking back at pictures from this past weekend. The 10th Moebius Syndrome Conference. Well, to say the least, I miss you all. I feel like we are just this big family, a community of people who come together for a common cause. Something that ties us all together. Something that we all relate to. Before Denver 2010 , I had not met anyone with Moebius. I wasn’t really involved with the Moebius community. I was trying to go through life pretending that Moebius didn’t exist. I remember being embarrassed when I joined the first Moebius group on Facebook. I felt like it was a stigma, something taboo. I never talked about it and felt awkward even saying the name of what I have. It’s sad really. Anyway, you guys are the reason that I am sitting here typing this today. You’re the reason why I am OK with myself. You’re the reason that I am able to talk about it, why I want to spread awareness. The way I used to think was not OK, and I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that. Moebius doesn’t define me, but yet, it’s who I am. Embrace it and try to raise awareness because that is the most important thing. Anyway, back to the conference.

Those 3 days were the best days that I have had in a long time. It was so amazing to meet all of you that I have met through our groups on Facebook, and to see all of you that I met in 2010. It’s like I go there, and I am in the presence of all of you and I feel more comfortable than I ever do just in a normal setting. I feel like we have common threads that hold all of us together. We’re all very different people but we have a very concrete thing that brings us back to the same place. Conferences are just the light at the end of a 2 year tunnel, if that makes any sense.

The sessions were great, seeing all of you was amazing. And going to the 2 conferences that I have been to is not something that I would change for anything. You guys are my family and there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be than to be with all of you. It’s a family gathering and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.




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